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Chairman Larrie FerreiroThis issue is devoted to the Annual Hirsch Research Paper Competition, sponsored by our partner organization, the Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association (DAUAA) at For 2014, the competition was titled, “It’s a New World Out There: The Next 10 Years!”

The winning paper for the DAUAA 2014 award, “Path from Urgent Operational Need to Program of Record,” by Eileen P. Whaley and Dana L. Stewart, was selected from a strong field of candidates. The paper describes the current policies, procedures, processes, and required actions to bring a program from fulfilling an urgent need to becoming a full-fledged Program of Record, with an emphasis on the Capabilities Development for Rapid Transition. We also thank all the other authors who participated in the 2014 Hirsch Research Paper Competition.

The other papers in this issue are: “Applications of Should Cost to Achieve Cost Reductions” by D. Mark Husband, which describes several approaches used by defense acquisition programs to realize Should Cost savings; “Adverse Impacts of Furlough Programs on Employee Work Rate and Organizational Productivity” by Adedeji B. Badiru, which examines how defense employee furloughs affect fundamental aspects of defense acquisition ; and “Data Rights for Science and Technology Projects” by Larry Muzzelo and Craig M. Arndt, which examines the effects of data rights on the success of transitioning technology from science and technology to Programs of Record.

Rounding out this issue is Glen Asner’s review of Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers Who Turned the Tide in the Second World War, by Paul Kennedy.
I note here that the authors’ guidelines have been revised to reflect a greater emphasis on the nature and quality of original research, as part of our continuing effort to increase the value of this journal to the Defense Acquisition Workforce.

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