Advanced Contingency Contracting Course Opens

Contracting in the U.S. Department of Defense is complicated. Imagine doing so in a foreign country or a disaster zone, with multiple services, in multiple languages, and potentially during a war—that’s contingency contracting.

Defense Acquisition University understands these situations can test the limits of even seasoned professionals. The university also recognizes that success is determined by the amount of preparation one receives. To ensure contracting professionals are fully prepared for the extreme environments they may face, the university has created an advanced version of its popular contingency contracting course.

CON334 (Advanced Contingency Contracting) familiarizes students with the three main support functions: contracting support integration, contracting support, and contractor management. Additionally, the course provides participants with insight into various support tasks and products used in the development and execution of an Annex W (operational contract support planning document). For additional information, contact Hal McAlduff, the course Performance Learning Director, at



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