From Bill Kobren, DAU Director, Logistics & Sustainment Center

Updates to Several DAU Course Designations (September 25, 2015)

With the start of fiscal year (FY) 2016 next week, several Defense Acquisition University (DAU) course designations have or will be changing. As a public service for the life cycle logistics community, the course designation changes follow:

  • LOG 365, Executive Product Support Manager’s Course, is being redesigned as LOG 465 to reflect the post-Level III Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certification focus of the course.
  • LOG 200 and LOG 201 are being redesigned as Product Support Strategy Development (Parts A and B respectively) as part of major revisions to both courses over the past 24 months.
  • SYS 101 (a life cycle logistics Level I DAWIA certification requirement) has already been redesigned as ENG 101, Fundamentals of Systems Engineering.

In addition to revisions to LOG 200 and LOG 201 content, updated versions of LOG 340, Life Cycle Product Support; LOG 102, Fundamentals of System Sustainment Management; and LOG 206, Intermediate Systems Sustainment Management, have already or are also being deployed in the coming weeks.


Updated Version of Air Force Product Support Toolkit (PSTK) (September 28, 2015)

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) recently issued an updated September 2015 version of their highly regarded Product Support Toolkit (PSTK). The Air Force PSTK, which is closely aligned with the Air Force Enhanced Logistics Health Assessment (LHA) process, was, according to the PSTK overview, “developed as a quick reference tool for personnel working life cycle logistics tasks throughout a weapon system’s life cycle. The tasks are presented by Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 5000.02, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System Life Cycle Framework phases for easy reference. Appendix A of this document includes checklists that provide more specifics on each task. The checklists include ‘how to’ information, as well as links to reference material. The material contained in this document can [also] be found on the Air Force PSTK SharePoint site,” as well as the PSTK site on the DAU Logistics Community of Practice (LOG CoP).

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