From William Parker, DAU Center Director, Acquisition & Program Management

Acquisition of Services DAU Training Courses (Feb. 3, 2016)

With the publication of DoDI 5000.74, Defense Acquisition of Services, we have fielded several questions about Services Acquisition training. We are currently working with the Services Acquisition office within the Office of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy on a training program for those involved in the Acquisition of Services.

In the interim, we recommend the following online training for the Defense Acquisition Workforce, both acquisition and non-acquisition, who are involved in the Acquisition of Services.

We recommend several shorter courses, known as continuous learning modules, for individuals managing Services:

  • CLC 011, Contracting for the Rest of Us (2 hrs)
  • CLC 013, Services Acquisition (3 hrs)
  • CLC 004, Market Research (3 hrs)
  • CLM 012, Scheduling (12 hrs)
  • CLM 017, Risk Management (8 hrs)
  • CLC 222, Contracting Officer Representative (32 hours)
  • HBS 302, Negotiating for Results (3 hrs)

We also recommend the following training courses.

  • CON 121, Contract Planning (12 hrs)
  • CON 124, Contract Execution (12 hrs)
  • CON 127, Contract Management (13 hrs)

The CON 090 prerequisite for CON 121-124 will be waived for people not in the contracting career field.

ACQ 165, Defense Acquisition of Services, will focus on the Defense Acquisition of Services Policy contained in the new DoDI 5000.74. This course is in development and we expect to launch it later this fiscal year (estimated 14-20 hrs).
These courses can all be found at the following link:

You can apply for the course by clicking the “Apply for this Course” button at the upper right side of the course description screen or by clicking on “Apply for a Course” button on the upper left side of the link provided above. Follow the registration instructions. There is no charge for our online courses.

Acquisition of Services DAU Online, On-demand Learning Assets (Feb. 4, 2016)

For those in the acquisition and non-acquisition workforce who need specific, targeted Services Acquisition training courses and do not have time to complete a course, DAU offers online, on-demand tools, called workflow learning assets, to help at the moment of learning need.

These Services Acquisition tools include:
Services Acquisition Mall (SAM) with:

  • acquisition product templates (e.g., Team Charter, Project Plan)
  • training videos (e.g., Service Acquisition Process Overview)
  • Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Suite

ARRT-Requirements Definition (RD): rapid development of performance work statement (PWS) and quality assurance surveillance plan (QASP)
ARRT-Evaluation Factors (EF): rapid development of source selection plan components
DoD Market Research Report Guide for Improving the Trade­craft in Services Acquisition
DAU also provides workshops and consulting for teams engaged in the acquisition of a service.

It refers to these services as performance learning. If your team has a significant requirement for services and needs help, here are some offerings that will provide needed instruction:
WSM 012, Service Acquisition Workshop (SAW). We recommend the following rule of thumb guidelines:

Service Acquisitions of $100 million–$500 million (4-day workshop and initial consulting)
Service Acquisitions greater than $500 million require a multi-engagement, multi-phase consulting effort; workshop topics include market research, requirements development, risk management, source selection, and contractor performance management

For Service Acquisitions under $100M, we offer customers one-day seminars:
—WSM 008, Developing Performance Requirements for Service Acquisitions (ARRT)
—WSM 009, Work Statement Seminar (Statement of Work, Statement of Objectives, Performance Work Statement)
—WSC 005, Source Selection

DAU can be reached by e-mail at,, or your regional DAU Mission Assistance representative.

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