From the Chairman and Executive Editor

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Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro

Chairman Larrie FerreiroThis edition of Defense Acquisition Research Journal (Defense ARJ) is dedicated to the official launch of the Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Professional Reading Program, located at:

As the readers of this journal know, we began publishing book reviews back in 2011. As the introduction to each review stated, these were intended “to complement the education and training that are vital to developing the essential competencies and skills required of the Defense Acquisition Workforce,” and designed to “enrich [their] knowledge and understanding.” In 2015, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L) Frank Kendall requested that the DAU start up an acquisition professional reading program, similar to what the Services have—for example, the CNO Reading List and the Reading Lists of the Army and Air Force Chiefs of Staff. At the direction of Defense Acquisition University President James Woolsey, the Defense ARJ team leveraged these existing reviews and established a Web site, which assigned book reviews to the entire defense acquisition community, as well as to specific categories based on acquisition career fields. Additional book reviews were identified and solicited from leaders in the acquisition workforce from government, academia, and industry. The Web site went live in the summer of 2016. Future improvements to the Reading Program Web site will include the ability of the acquisition workforce to engage with the material and with one another.

This issue presents, in published form, the Web-based Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Professional Reading Program. It starts with the introductions to the Reading Program by Kendall and Woolsey, as well as the program guide. The readings are divided into two main categories. The first category consists of readings for all AT&L professionals, which cover origins, affordability and cost; industrial productivity and innovation; government productivity and innovation; and defense acquisition professionalism and leadership. The second category contains readings in the career field domains of Management (e.g., program management), Corporate (e.g., business and auditing), and Technical (e.g., engineering). These lists are further divided into two parts: books suggested for rising leaders, which provide a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the fields; and books suggested for key leaders, providing advanced concepts and ideas.

Finally, this edition of the Defense ARJ reprints book reviews from previous issues, which though not currently included in the Reading Program, are nevertheless worthy of serious consideration by the acquisition professional community. The Defense ARJ will continue to regularly publish reviews of relevant books, which may also become part of the Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Professional Reading Program as it evolves.

As this current administration winds down, our readers will note that a number of names on the masthead have disappeared. Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald, Dr. William A. LaPlante, Dr. Neal Couture, and Dr. Roy L. Wood have all moved on to new positions. We thank them for their service to this journal and wish them all the best in their new endeavors. As a new administration prepares to replace the nation’s current leadership in 2017, we will be reinvigorating the Research Advisory Board and other positions as well.

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