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Bombs and Books Building a Better Air Force Military Acquirer

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Authors: Maj. Mike DiMaria, USAF and Maj. Chad Steipp, USAF

The Air Force (AF) develops some of the premier military business professionals in the world—but it can do even better. It has to if its next generation of leaders is expected to effectively navigate the ever-evolving defense acquisition landscape while simultaneously ensuring the materiel readiness of the force. The notion that the AF, and the Department of Defense (DoD), should invest in the professionalism of its workforce is widely discussed and seldom criticized. Examples of recent deliberation are easy to find.

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The Fate of Sgt. Smith Restriction on Non-DoD Conference Travel

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Col. Paul Barnes, USAFR, Ph.D.

The laboratories and testing centers in the Department of Defense (DoD) are primary sources of technological innovation in making our warfighters more mission-capable. A large number of facilities within each of the three Services—the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army—are dedicated to providing the U.S. military with its technological edge through research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) centers. Although the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) has activities in RDT&E, they are largely provided by the U.S. Navy. There are various categories of research and development, but let’s look at what is considered fundamental research. This refers to basic research and applied research. Basic research is systematic study directed toward greater knowledge or understanding of the fundamental aspects of phenomena and of observable facts without specific applications in mind (6.1 funded). Applied research is the systematic study to gain knowledge or understanding necessary to determine the means by which a recognized and specific need may be met (6.2 funded).

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IDEAA Celebrates Its Silver Anniversary

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Author: Duane “DT” Tripp

This year marks 25 years of successful collaboration between the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition and training communities and key counterparts overseas. These partners will gather at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Fort Belvoir, Va., campus this April for a three-day seminar open to U.S. and foreign attendees in the acquisition workforce and training communities. This brief article describes the International Defense Educational and Acquisition Arrangement (IDEAA) organization origins, purpose, importance, and direction for the future.

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