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A View From Space NASA Systems Engineering and Test

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Author: Woody Spring

It has been three years since I witnessed the last Space Shuttle launch, STS-135, lifting off from Earth on July 8, 2011. It was the seventh I had witnessed, but this one had special meaning. Twenty-nine years ago, I was on the inside looking out as a part of the STS-23 (STS 61-B) crew. I flew Atlantis on her second flight in 1985 and had observed her construction years earlier at Rockwell International’s space shuttle-assembly location.

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More Time Management Tips for Busy People

Author: Roy Wood, Ph.D.

A few months ago, I wrote a short article, “Time Management Tips for Those Who Don’t Have the Time” (Defense AT&L, November–December 2013, p. 58), that offered some time-saving tips for busy people like you. Here are a few more ideas that I hope you find helpful.

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