DAU Center for Acquisition Research

Research Agenda 2014

The Defense Acquisition Research Agenda is intended to make researchers aware of the topics that are, or should be, of particular concern to the broader defense acquisition community throughout the government, academic, and industrial sectors. The purpose of conducting research in these areas is to provide solid, empirically based findings to create a broad body of knowledge that can inform the development of policies, procedures, and processes in defense acquisition, and to help shape the thought leadership for the acquisition community.

Each issue of the Defense ARJ will include a different selection of research topics from the overall agenda, which is at: http://www.dau.mil/research/Pages/ researchareas.aspx

Measuring the Effects of Competition

  • What means are there (or can be developed) to measure the effect on defense acquisition costs of maintaining an industrial base in various sectors?
  • What means are there (or can be developed) of measuring the effect of utilizing defense industrial infrastructure for commercial manufacture in growth industries? In other words, can we measure the effect of using defense manufacturing to expand the buyer base?
  • What means are there (or can be developed) to determine the degree of openness that exists in competitive awards?
  • What are the different effects of the two best value source selection processes (tradeoff vs. lowest price technically acceptable) on program cost, schedule, and performance?

Strategic Competition

  • Is there evidence that competition between system portfolios is an effective means of controlling price and costs?
  • Does lack of competition automatically mean higher prices? For example, is there evidence that sole source can result in lower overall administrative costs at both the  government and industry levels, to the effect of lowering total costs?
  • What are long-term historical trends for competition guidance and practice in defense acquisition policies and practices?
  • To what extent are contracts being awarded non-competitively by congressional mandate, for policy interest reasons? What is the effect on contract price and performance?
  • What means are there (or can be developed) to determine the degree to which competitive program costs are negatively affected by laws and regulations such as the Berry Amendment, Buy-America Acts, etc.?

Print Schedule

The Defense ARJ is published in quarterly theme editions. Please consult the DAU homepage for current themes being solicited. See print schedule here.

In most cases, the author will be notified that the submission has been received within 48 hours of its arrival. Following an initial review, submissions will be referred to referees and for subsequent consideration by the Executive Editor, Defense ARJ.