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Defense ARJ Archives

Archives to articles or issues previous to April 2011 can be found below. They can also be found here.

January 2011

Complete Issue ARJ 57| January 2011

Remarks from the Chairman and Executive Editor by Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro

International Science and Technology for the Army: Misplaced Focus? by Michael G. Padgett, USA (Ret.)

Priming the Innovation Pump: America Needs More Scientists, Engineers, and Basic Research by Col Jason James Denney, USAF

A Statistical Approach to the Development of Progress Plans Utilizing Bayesian Methods and Expert Judgment by Tiffany L. Lewis, Thomas Mazzuchi, and Shahram Sarkani

Analysis of Generation Y Workforce Motivation Using Multiattribute Utility Theory by Ian N. Barford and Patrick T. Hester

Application of Real Options Theory to DoD Software Acquisitions by Capt Albert Olagbemiro, USAFR, Jonathan Mun, and Man-Tak Shing

October 2010

Complete Issue ARJ 56| October 2010

Remarks from the Chairman and Executive Editor by Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro

Improving the Initiation of Acquisition Activities for Automated Information Systems by Chiang H. Ren, Col. Stephen Busch, USAF (Ret.), and Matthew Prebble

A Framework for System of Systems Evaluation Within an Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Environment by Rick S. Thomas, N. Clark Capshaw, and Paul M. Franken

Performance-Based Life Cycle Product Support Strategies: Enablers for More Effective Government Participation by Steve Geary, Scott Koster, Wesley S. Randall, and Jeffrey J. Haynie

A New Process for the Acceleration Test and Evaluation of Aeromedical Equipment for U.S. Air Force Safe-to-Fly Certification by Ismail Cicek and Capt Gary S. Beisner, USAF

The P-51 Mustang: A Case Study in Defense Acquisition by Alan Haggerty and Roy Wood

July 2010

Complete Issue ARJ 55 | July 2010

Remarks from the Chairman and Executive Editor by Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro

U.S. Government Use of Commercial Card Technology: A Case for Change in Military Card Distribution Policy by Richard J. Palmer, Mahendra Gupta, and Rodney Dawson

Nonstationary Root Causes of Cobb’s Paradox by Lt Col Joseph W. Carl, USAF (Ret.) and Col George Richard Freeman, USAFR (Ret.)

Embracing Uncertainty in DoD Acquisition by ISG David E. Frick, USA (Ret.)

Adaption of Porter’s Five Forces Model to Risk Management by John F. Rice

Cost Growth: Perception and Reality by Col Mark F. Cancian, USMCR (Ret.)

April 2010

Complete Issue ARJ 54 | April 2010

Remarks from ARJ Executive Editor by Dr. Paul Alfieri

Acquisition Leadership: An Opportunity Lost for Acquisition Excellence by Michael J. Kotzian

The Product Support Manager: Achieving Success in Executing Life Cycle Management Responsibilities by Bill Kobren

How Well are PMs Doing? Industry View of Defense Program Manager Counterparts by Roy L. Wood

Improving Defesne Acquisition Decision Making by Col William R. Fast, USA (Ret.)

It’s Time to Take the Chill Out of Cost Containment and Re-Energize a Key Acquisition Practice by Col Robert L. Tremaine, USAF (Ret.) and Donna J. Seligman

A New Alpha-Omega Map for Acquisition Test and Evaluation by George Axiotis

The F119 Engine: A Success Story of Human Systems Integration in Acquisition by 2nd LT Kevin K. Liu, USMC, Ricardo Valerdi, Donna H. Rhodes, Col Larry Kimm, USAF, and Lt Col Alvis Headen,USAF

January 2010

Complete Issue ARJ 53 | January 2010

Remarks from ARJ Executive Editor by Dr. Paul Alfieri

Command Post of the Future: Successful Transition of a Science and Technology Initiative to a Program of Record by BG Harry Greene, USA, Larry Stotts, Ryan Paterson, and Janet Greenberg

EAD Systems Integrators: A Post-Acquisition Reform Retrospective by Kathlyn Hopkins Loudin

Achieving Outcomes-Based Life Cycle Management by Lou Kratz and Bradd A. Buckingham

Pre-Milestone A Cost Analysis: Progress, Challenges, and Change by Martha A. “Marti” Roper

The Demise of the Federal Government Small Business Program by Philip G. Bail Jr.

Building On a Legacy: Renewed Focus on Systems Engineering in Defense Acquisition by Mary C. Redshaw

Open Systems: Designing and Developing Our Operational Interoperability by MAJ James Ash, USA (Ret.)and LTC Willie J. McFadden II, USA (Ret.)

A Time Study of Scientists & Engineers (S&Es) in the Air Vehicles Directorate by JoAnn McCabe and Col John Wissler, USAF

The REAL Challenge of ‘2.0’ by Mark Oehlert

October 2009

Complete Issue ARJ 52 | October 2010

Remarks from Defense ARJ Executive Editor by Dr. Paul Alfieri

From Amorphous to Defined: Blanacing Risks in Evolutionary Acquisiiton by COL John T. Dillard, USA (Ret.) and David N. Ford

What Performance Based Logistics is and What it is Not—And What it Can and Cannot Do by Bill Kobren

Joint Acquisition Command Doctrine — A Success Story by Al Borzoo, Constance S. Short, Ken Brockway, and Col Stan L. VanderWerf, USAF

Application of Systems Engineering to Rapid Prototyping for Close Air Support by John M. Colombi and Richard G. Cobb

Can Applying Organic and Industry Best Practives Improve Foreign Military Sales Supportability?  by Brian B. Yoo, Duane W. Mallicoat, and Timothy “Tim” K. Simpson

A Multi-Criteria Decision Model for Migrating Legacy System Architectures into Open System and System-of-Systems Architectures by Cyrus Azani

Games for Good — How DAU Is Using Games to Engance Learning by Alicia Sanchez

July 2009

Complete Issue ARJ 51 | July 2009

Remarks from Defense ARJ Executive Editor by Dr. Paul Alfieri

The Future Use of Corporate Warriors with the U.S. Armed Forces: Legal, Policy, and Practical Considerations and Concerns by COL David “Dave” A. Wallace, USA

Modeling the Performance and Risks of Evolutionary Acquisition by David N. Ford and COL John Dillard, USA (Ret.)

Transferring Conventional Munitions Industrial Base Capabilities to the Public Sector by COL John G. Ferrari, USA

Program Manager as Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Leading with Accountability and Empowerment by Roy L. Wood

Financial Accountability at the DoD: Reviewing the Bidding by Christopher H. Hanks

Determination of an Achievable Materiel Availability for the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile by James C. Byrd and Michael “Mike” J. Osborne

Twenty Minutes From Now by Mark Oehlert

Show Me the Money by Bill Fournier

April 2009

Complete Issue ARJ 50 | April 2009

Remarks from Defense ARJ Executive Editor by Dr. Paul Alfieri

What Ever Happened to Certification? by COL William R. Fast, USA (Ret.)

Keeping the Talent: Understanding the Needs of Engineers and Scientists in the Defense Acquisition Workforce by Alan K. Jenkins

Leadership and Cultural Change: The Challenge to Acquisition Workforce Retention by Mike Kotzian

The Benefits and Limitations of Telecommuting by Jerome H. Collins and Joseph “Joe” Moschler

Acquisition Workforce Challenge—Motivation for Government Vs. Industry Employment by John Dobriansky

Shaping the Life Cycle Logistics Workforce to Achieve Desired Sustainment Outcomes by Bill Kobren

A New Acquisition Brew: Systems Engineering and Lean Six Sigma Make a Great Mix by Robert L. Tremaine

December 2008

Complete Issue ARJ 49 | December 2008

Remarks from Defense ARJ Executive Editor by Dr. Paul Alfieri

Incentive Contracts: The Attributes That Matter Most in Driving Favorable Outcomesby Robert L. Tremaine

Maximizing Warfighter Capability Using Surveyed Necessity Measurement: Application to the USAF F-15C Fleet by John M. Colombi, David R. Jacques, and Dennis D. Strouble

Training Architecture Practices in Army Acquisition: An Approach to Training Software Architecture Practices in U.S. Army Acquisition by Stephen Blanchette and John Bergey

The Application of Supply Network Optimization and Location Analysis to a DoD Repair Supply Chain by William R. Killingsworth, David Berkowitz, John E. Burnett, and James T. Simpson

Reforming How Navy Shipbuilding Contracts Adjust for Material-Cost Risk by Edward G. Keating, Robert Murphy, John F. Schank, and John Birkler

Do Team Goals Affect Team Focus and Performance? Research Study of DAU’s Program Management Office Course (PMT 352B) by Thomas Robert Edison

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Defense AT&L Archives


July–August 2015

Complete Issue
Program Manager Assessments: Professionalism Personified
The Challenge of Technological Superiority
Removing Bureaucracy
Modernizing Our Industrial Base The National Security Challenge of Our Time
Owning the Technical Baseline—a Key Enabler: Agility as the Counterweight to Uncertainty and Change
Improving Tradecraft of Services Acquisition
Getting the Requirements Right
Tasked and Ready: The Army’s Commitment to the Better Buying Power Program
Reward Industry for Innovative Outcomes
Sustainment and Logistics in Better Buying Power
Market Research Faster, Smarter and Predictive
One More Time: Time Management for Those Who Don’t Have the Time
Dynamic Testing Toward a Multiple Exciter Test

May–June 2015

Complete Issue
Tying Profit to Performance: A Valuable Tool, But Use With Good Judgment
Becoming a “Chaosmeister”
Performance-Based Logistics: A Readiness Strategy Tailor Made for Austere Times
Source Selection Simulation Intact Team Training on Picking a Provider
Integrating Intelligence and Acquisition to Meet Evolving Threats: Interview With Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick of the Defense Intelligence Agency
Developing Non-Lethal Weapons: The Human Effects Characterization Process
The Fast Follower Coming Up Behind Development Leaders
The First 100 Days of an Acquisition Workforce Manager
Acquisition Pros Keep the Gears Moving
Best Value Strategy Raising Special Ops Mobility
Software 2015: Situation Dire

March–April 2015

Complete Issue
Getting “Best Value” for the Warfighter and the Taxpayer
Aesop’s Guide to Space Acquisition Glimpses of Past and Future
hereInternational Defense Sales Roadmap An Industry Perspective
Lowest Price Technically Acceptable: Why All the Debate?
Lowest Price Technically Acceptable Overrated, Overused?
Communities of Interest Collaborating on Technology Challenges
Cyber Integrator: A Concept Whose Time Has Come
Cellular Satellites Joint Communications With Integrated Acquisition
Millennials at Work The Advice of Great Leaders
Dynamic Testing Toward a Multiple Exciter Test

January–February 2015

Complete Issue
Risk and Risk Mitigation—Don’t Be a Spectator
Test and Evaluation Myths and Misconceptions
The 21st-Century Acquisition Leader
A Contract That Manages Itself: The Time Has Arrived
Performance Based Logistics For Achieving Affordable Readiness
Defense Exportability Features Initiative: A New Paradigm for International Cooperation
What Program Managers Need to Know A New Book to Accelerate Acquisition Competence
Swamped by Regulations Perils of an Ever-Increasing Burden
Why I Won’t Be a Prime Contractor
The Modular Instrumentation Family Defense and Industry Applications
Repair, Replace or Throw Away Linking Sustainment Strategies to Data Requirements
Securing Cyber Acquisitions


November–December 2014

Complete Issue
Technological Superiority and Better Buying Power 3.0
Please Reduce Cycle Time
The Big IDEA Dynamic Stakeholder Management
Think Portfolios, Not Programs
Mining Hidden Gems Extract Information Systems’ Value
The Path to Software Cost Control
Meaningful Metrics Measuring Success of Software Integration Testing Labs
Avoiding Proprietary Problems A Software Clean-Room Method
General TCF Closure Tasks in the U.S. Army Signal Corps
A View From Space NASA Systems Engineering and Test

September–October 2014

Complete Issue
Ethics and Acquisition Professionalism: It Is All About Trust
Boosting Access to Government Rocket Science
International Arms Sales An Industry Perspective
Critical Thinking: A Missing Ingredient in DoD’s Acquisition (Education) System
What the Acquisition Workforce Knows
Acquisition Challenges of a Lethal Virus
Tiny Nanoparticles—A Big Battlefield Impact?
Army Acquisition Lessons Learned
Cybersecurity Challenges for Program Managers
Accounting for Every Kilowatt

July–August 2014

Complete Issue
Better Buying Power A Progress Assessment from the Defense Acquisition Executive
Prototyping Increasing the Pace of Innovation
Soaring With AC-130J A Decidedly Nontraditional Acquisition Strategy
Creative Problem Solving in a Fast-Paced, Guidance-Rich Environment
The Zen of Government Program Management (aka Lessons Learned from a Defense Program Manager)
U.S.-Coalition Forces and Host Nations DOTmLPF-P for Contingency Procurements Part II (Conclusion)
Are You Truly “All In”? Achieving Program Management Success
Application of the Integrated Product Support Elements by the F-35 Joint Program Office
Your GPS for DoD Product Support The DoD Integrated Product Support Implementation Roadmap
Agility and Cost Organizational Design and Key Workflows

May–June 2014

Complete Issue
Protecting the Future
3D Printing How Much Will It Improve the DoD Supply Chain of the Future?
Predicting Weapon Effects for Defense and Homeland Security
Integrated Cost Analysis Teams How ICATs Support Better Buying Power 2.0
A Chance to “Alpha-Innovate” in Program Management
Embracing Tablet Technology in Military Construction
The Defense Life-Cycle Logistics Journey A 10-Year Retrospective of Product Support Transformation
Driving Acquisition with Data, Not Documents
U.S.-Coalition Forces and Host Nations DOTmLPF-P for Contingency Procurements Part 1

March–April 2014

Complete Issue
What Does It Mean to Be “a Defense Acquisition Professional”?
Schedule or Event Driven? How Do I Know?
What Happened to DT&E?
Let’s Fix this Red Program!
Threat Support Improvement for DoD Acquisition Programs
Cyber Acquisition Professionals Need Expertise (But They Don’t Necessarily Need to Be Experts)
Just in Time Expecting Failure: Do JIT Principles Run Counter to DoD’s Business Nature?
What’s in Your Estimate at Completion?
Bombs and Books Building a Better Air Force Military Acquirer
The Fate of Sgt. Smith Restriction on Non-DoD Conference Travel
IDEAA Celebrates Its Silver Anniversary

January–February 2014

Complete Issue
What Really Matters in Defense Acquisition
Mini-Warriors Microelectromechanical Systems: A Munitions Revolution
Future Space System Acquisitions Is the Key “What” or “When”?
Concepts for Change DoD’s 2014 Research and Engineering Strategy
A Program Master Schedule Can Improve Results
Scorecard Reviews for Improved Software Reliability
The Original Director for Test and Evaluation
Thirty-Year Plans What They Are and Why We Need Them
Promoting Effective Competition in the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Program
Your PM Personality—and Why It Matters
Predicting Program Success—Not Child’s Play


November–December 2013

Complete Issue
Our Relationship with Industry
On the Ground Advisor Lessons Learned
Scheduling and SVTs: Rx for Efficiency
Naval Aviation Costs Targeting Operations and Support
Alternatives for Success One Program’s Unconventional Structure
Where Sustainment Meets Deployed Forces Do You Really Know Who’s Going to Maintain Your Aircraft and Where It’s Going to be Maintained?
Cybersecurity: Defending the New Battlefield
Digital Pentagon
Section 3685, Title 39, U.S.C. Showing Ownership, Management, and Circulation
The Virtual PM
Stakeholder Needs and Expectations Planning Your Agile Project and Program Metrics
Risk in Fixed-Price Contracts
Time Management Tips For Those Who Don’t Have the Time

September–October 2013

Complete Issue
The Trouble with TRLs
Focusing on Professionalism
Building a Culture of Efficiency in Blue Force Tracking Technology
Navy Raises the Bar
Air Force Implementation is Off the Ground
Building a Culture of Cost Consciousness
DoD Open Systems Architecture Contract Guidebook for Program Managers A Tool for Effective Competition
Shift Left! Test Earlier in the Life Cycle
Fiscal Challenges Within Defense Acquisitions A Marine Corps Project Officer’s View
Apt Slogans for Acquisition in Austere Times
DAU Wins Prism Award for Coaching Excellence From the International Coach Federation
Realizing Your Extraordinary Future Through Executive Coaching
DAU Consulting Might Be the Right Enabler To Improve Your Acquisition Outcomes

July–August 2013

Complete Issue
What Lies Ahead
Crisis Leadership
Risky Business Why DoD Needs a New Risk Management Paradigm
OSD’s Obligation and Expenditure Rate Goals An Examination of the Factors Contributing to the Interference
Are You Ready for an International Program?
A Reliability Approach to Risk Assessment and Analysis of Alternatives (Based on a Ground-Vehicle Example)
Rolling Toward Better Buying Power 2.0 and Portfolio Management with the Joint Center for Ground Vehicles
Performance-Based Logistics Only Part of the Answer to Controlling Costs While Improving DoD Performance
Acquisition Reform How Training Can Help
Serve as You Lead

May–June 2013

Complete Issue
The Original Better Buying Power—David Packard Acquisition Rules 1971
Calling on Mission Assistance
Bridging the Gap Dedicated Technology Transition Programs Accelerate Technology Adoption
Contract Oversight in a Contingency Environment We Bought It, You Own It
Determining the Probable Cost
Leading Complex Projects in the DoD
The Need for Agile Program Documentation
The Acquisition Community and Engineering Expertise Development
Coaching for Better (Software) Buying Power in an Agile World
Why the TEMP Answers ‘Why?’
Values Take Center Stage

March–April 2013

Complete Issue
Use of Fixed-Price Incentive Firm (FPIF) Contracts in Development and Production
The Climate/Team Effectiveness Survey Another ‘Tool’ for the Program Management Office Team
Competitive Prototyping A PMO Perspective
Big ‘A’ Systems Architecture From Strategy to Design: Systems Architecting in DoD
Delivering Military Software Affordably
‘Technical Debt’ in the Code The Cost to Software Planning
Striving for the Optimal Program Structure
Sustainable Acquisition
Heads I’m Right, Tails It Was Chance The Strange Case of Irrationality in Program Risk Management
On the Job With Emotional Intelligence
OSD Unmanned Warfare Directorate Develops Online Catalog Database

January–February 2013

Complete Issue
Moving Forward
The Challenges of Being Agile in DoD
The Army Executes New Network Modernization Strategy
Panetta Announces 2012 David Packard Excellence in Acquisition, Better Buying Power Efficiency Award Winners
Teamed for Success: The Imperative for Aligning Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Logistics
DoD and Industry Program Interactions Are We Postured for the Right Outcomes?
Public-Private Partnerships: The Key to Retaining Government and Industry Capabilities
Up and Away: The Market for Helium Retaining the Government’s Strategic Reserve
Going The Distance Leveraging the Benefits of Competition Throughout the Life of a Program
A Cost-Efficient Approach to Inventory Management Using IUID to Meet an Organization’s Specific Requirements
Good Contracts Start with Good Requirements
Building Genuine Motivation
How Full Is the Toolbox? A Look at Product Support Analysis Tools


November–December 2012

Complete Issue
The Challenges We Face—And How We Will Meet Them
CBRN Survivability Is Your Program Ready?
Should-Cost Management Tactics
Why Is This Acquisition Strategy Stuff So Important?
Marching an Army Acquisition Program Toward Success
Successfully Taming Complex Weapons Systems Software
Nine Steps to a Better Statement of Work
A New Set of Forces
Rethinking “Acquisition Experience” for Program Manager Certification
Developing Air Force Systems Engineers—a Flight Path

September–October 2012

Complete Issue
In Person: Assistant Secretary of Defense (L&MR) Alan F. Estevez
Mission Command Battle Lab Science and Technology Seminar with the Command and General Staff College: Improving Army Systems Development through Early, Experienced User Involvement
The Fallacy of Quantifying Risk
How to Form an IPT
An Immodest Proposal Making a Profit on Defense Programs
Design of Experiments for Information Technology Systems What Program Managers Should Know About the Plan and Design Phases
Cost Warrior Moneyball

July–August 2012

Complete Issue
The Optimal Program Structure
Why Building a Baseball Team (or Acquiring a System) Using Bottom-Up Stats Is a Bad Idea
Meeting Challenges Across Defense and Beyond Energetics R&D in Systems Engineering
Building Rome in a Day Coming to Terms with Unrealistic Schedules
Tweets, Posts, and Pins What Does it Take for Social Software to Succeed in DoD?
Managing O&S Costs A Framework to Consider
Phased Contracting Process Improves Requirements and Life Cycle Cost Estimate Fidelity
Lean Implementation A Three-Pronged Attack
Success in Chemical Weapons Stockpile Elimination: The Intersection of Risk and Vision
Be accountable. You’ll probably get the blame anyway.

May–June 2012

Complete Issue
The Acquisition Strategy A Roadmap to Program Management Success
The AoA An Early Filter to Create an Affordable Program
Vertically Synchronizing Operational Contract Support
Opportunity Management Return on Investment—Realized
Air Force Adopts Standard Integrated Baseline Review Process
A Disruptive Game Changer to Achieve DoD Austerity
Stopping the Pendulum: Where Leadership and Decision Making Meet Policy and Process
Transforming Defense Supply-Support Processes on Strategic Submarines Improving Operational Availability and Reducing Costs
DAU Mission Assistance A Less-Familiar Tool In the Acquisition Tool Kit
TF SAFE Protecting the Force in Iraq Against Fire and Electrical Hazards
Just Make a Decision

March–April 2012

Complete Issue
The Product Support Manager A Catalyst for Life Cycle Management and Product Support Success
Professionally Developing World-Class Product Support Managers
Implementing the Next-Generation Product Support Strategy
OK, We Bought This Thing, but Can We Afford to Operate and Sustain It?
The Life Cycle Sustainment Plan A Review of the Annotated Outline
Performance Based Logistics and Project Proof Point A Study of PBL Effectiveness
Leveraging Better Buying Power to Deliver Better Product Support Outcomes
Designing for Supportability Driving Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability In…While Driving Costs Out
Affordable Logistics: Are We There Yet?
Hidden Value: The Underappreciated Role of Product Support in Rapid Acquisition
The Product Support Triad: A Critical Convergence
Attributes of an Effective Product Support Business Case Analysis

January–February 2012

Complete Issue
Effects Through Acquisition Leveraging the Power of Contingency Contracting
Acquisition Program Management Challenges in Afghanistan Part 2: Afghan Vendor Base
The Drag Efficient The Missing Quantification of Time on the Critical Path
Knowing and Loving Your KO A Guide for Program Managers Part 2: Getting to Yes
Developing a Continuous Improvement System
Unleashing the Predictive Power of the Integrated Master Schedule: The Planning and Scheduling Excellence Guide (PASEG)
Look at It as a Game
Building the Program Office Team
Everything is Not a Process Products, Games and Emerging Metaphors for Work
The Mice in Council: An Acquisition Fable


November–December 2011

Complete Issue
10 Things Great Program Managers Know About Product Support by Bill Kobren
If Only Einstein Were Still Around to Help the Government Fix Information Technology Acquisition by Chris Gunderson and Mark Pullen
Preliminary Industrial Assessment: An Approach for Developing an Efficient Depot Sustainment Solution by Bruce Wilhelm, Steve Behrens, and Ian Cameron
Acquisition Program Management Challenges in Afghanistan Part 1: Requirements Generation by Maj. Daniel W. Rhyne, USAF
Acquisition Reform as Performance Art: Re-forming Acquisition Reform by Ross A. Jackson, Ph.D.
Increasing Participation of wounded Warriors and Individuals with Disabilities: Finding and Recruiting Schedule A Candidates by Matthew Tropiano
The EVM Hoax: A Program Leader’s Bedtime Story by Pat Barker and Roy Wood
The Great Green Fleet: Naval Warfighting Imperatives for Energy Security by John F. Morton and Scott C. Truver, Ph.D.
Knowing and Loving Your KO: A Guide for Program Managers by John Krieger
Making Trust Work by Stan Emelander
Software Acquisition: Reducing Risks by James Jones
Success in Chemical Weapons Stockpile Elimination: The Intersection of Risk and Vision by Larry Marshall, Om Handa, Lisa Proctor, and Janice Muscella

September–October 2011

Complete Issue
Better Buying Power by Frank Kendall
Interview: DAU President Katrina McFarland
Systems Engineering: The Affordability Secret Weapon by Mike Holbert
Should Cost Management: Why? How? by Under Secretary of Defense AT&L Ashton B. Carter, Ph.D. and John Mueller
Requirements in the Affordability Crosshairs by Jack. D. Mohney
Pay Me a Little Now or A Lot Later: Test and Evaluation Concepts to Assist in Managing Affordable Weapon Systems Programs by Mike Bohn
Better Metrics for Better Communication as a Foundation for Better Program Buying Power: Dialogue Between Program Oversight and Program Execution Organizations by Brian Brodfuehrer
Tech Data, Please by David L. Gallop
Manufacturing Affordability by S. L. “Dusty” Schilling, Gordon Hagewood, Harry Snodgrass, and Peter Czech
Sound Cost Estimating: A Pre-Requisite to Ascertaining Affordability of DoD Programs by Mark Husband, Pd.D.
Supportability as an Affordability Enabler: A Critical Fourth Element of Acquisition Success Across the System Life Cycle by Bill Kobren
Been There, Don’t That. Got the T-Shirt, Mug, and Hat by John Krieger, John Pritchard, and Stephen Spoutz
International Programs Contribute to Affordability by Craig J. Mallory
Be A Mentor by Wayne Turk
Don’t Come to the Dark Side: Acquisition Lessons from a Galaxy Far, Far Away by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF

July–August 2011

Full Issue
Challenge and Change in Supply Chain Management: Pointed Questions and Blunt Answers by Lt. Gen. Claude V. Christianson, USA (Retired)
Product Support and Human Capital: Essential Ingredients for Optimizing System Readiness, Availability, and Life Cycle Costs by Bill Kobren
Making Sense of the Changing Global Supply Landscape: New Rules and Reformations by Carole LeBlanc, Ph.D. and Shannon Cunniff
Capability Disillusionment by Michael F. Cochrane, Ph.D.
Shaping the Way Ahead: Army Biometrics WIPT Kickoff by Nicole Daniel, Kevin Trissell, and Richard Hansen
Outside Influences on Systems Engineering: A Company Grade’s Observations in the Aftermath of a Difficult Project by Capt. J. Morgan Nicholson, USAFR
Eight Battle-Tested Survival Tactics for the New, Entry-Level DoD Program Manager by Brian E. Schultz
Improving Services Acquisition Tradecraft: Services Acquisition In Not for Amateurs by Peter Czech and John Mueller
Quality Assurance Tools for the Engaged Program Manager by Mark Gindele
How Acquisition Training Has Changed Since We Were Certified by Wes Gleason and Steve Minnich
The Army’s Mission Combat Battle Lab: Helping to Improve Acquisition Timelines by Jeffrey D. From and Brett R. Burland
Buy Afghan, By Afghans, For Afghans: The ANSF Boot Acquisition Success Story by Maj. Darren W. Rhyne, USAF
Don’t Supersize! Simplifying Defense Acquisition Reform by Maj. Marc J. Raphael, USAF
A Tale of Two Contracts: The Best of Time, The Worst of Times by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF
Are You Trusted By Your Employees? by Wayne Turk
Managing, Leading, and Bossing by Stan Emelander

May–June 2011

Complete Issue
Contracting as Counterinsurgency by Col. William S. Fuller, USA, Lt. Col. Thomas D. Ficklin, USAF, and Capt. Christopher T. Stein, USAF
The Future of Defense Technology and the Lessons of History by IGA, Robert Ranquet, IHEDN, Paris
Burnside’s Bridge and Lessons Learned from Program Management by Joe Moschler and Jim Weitzner
Path to Earned Value Management Acquisition Reform by Paul Solomon
Touch and Go: COMET Project Brings Multitouch Technology to the Military by Claire Heninger
FIST at 5: Looking Back, Looking Ahead by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF
Blow Your Own Horn by Linda Hillmer
Need Find Opportunity: 21st Century COTS Solution Promises to Improve the Student Experience and Address a Strategic Need by Ron Vassallo
The Misperception of Contingency Contracting by Louis Tutt III and Darlene M. Urquhart
Program Complexity: Can We Understand It? Can We Overcome It? by Stephen Hayes, Daniel Kopunic, and Roy Wood
Acquisition of Services: A Standard Process by Dennis J. Beers

March–April 2011

Complete Issue
Training the Army Acquisition Workforce by Stephanie L. Watson
Steering Toward a More Capable Acquisition Workforce by Rene Thomas-Rizzo
Acquisition Workforce Growth Initiative
Priming the Innovation Pump by Col. Jason J. Denney, USAF
Developing Key Leaders to Manage Complex Programs by Roy Wood and Patrick Barker
Analyzing Generation Y Workforce Motivation by Ian N. Barford and Patrick T. Hester
Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy: Making a Meaningful Difference by Laura Edwards
A Renewed Focus on Recruitment by Karen R. Penn
Special Authority Speeds Hiring in Acquisition Career Fields by Ed Worley
Learning Organizations: HCI Accelerators by Donna J. Seligman

January–February 2011

Complete Issue
WSARA One Year Later by William R. Fast
Commercial Acquisition Demystified by Eric K. Spittle, Brian P. Brodfuehrer, Michael J. Giomi, and John Krieger
My Big, Slow Fail by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF
The LOCAP III to LOGCAP IV Transition into Northern Afghanistan by Lt. Col. Tommie J. Lucius, USA and Lt. Col. Mike Riley, USAF
What Exactly is Space Logistics? by James C. Breidenbach
Using Value Engineering to Reduce Life Cycle Cost by Mark S. Benstin, David P. Benston, and Scott S. Haraburda
Reusable Services: Applying Industry Models to DoD Acquisitions by Venkat Rao
Coach Your Team by Wayne Turk
Buying Tools for Fighting Teams: A Story with a Happy Ending, Part II by Col. Brian Shimel, USAF
The Four Questions: A Structured Brainstorming Approach by David M. Riel
13 Theta by Dan Ward, Chris Quaid, Gabe Mounce, Judith Grieg, and Jim Elmore


November–December 2010

Complete Issue
Applying Acquisition-Based Risk Management to Non-Acquisition Projects by Brian Felkoski and Rob Malone
Becoming an Executive Coach: Executive Coaching of a Major Defense Acquisition Program Leader by Lois Harper
Replacing Risk with Knowledge to Deliver Better Acquisition Outcomes by William S. Kaplan
Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic: Why Acquisition Reform Never Works by Thomas H. Miller
Not Your Father’s AMC by Lt. Gen James H. Pillsbury
Lean and Agile Acquisition and Systems Engineering: A Paradigm Whose Time Has Coming by Rex B. Reagan and David F. Rico
Why DoD Contractors File Protests, Why Some Don’t, and What the Government Can Do by Steve Roemerman
Buying Tools for Fighting Teams: A Story with a Happy Ending, Part 1 by Col. Brian Shimel, USAF
Earned Value Management Acquisition Reform by Paul Solomon
The FIST Manifesto by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF
Be Consistent … But Flexible by Wayne Turk
Wanting It: Acquisition Lessons from Cheesy Cinema by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF

September–October 2010

Complete Issue
Acquisition Excellence Delievered to the Point of the Spear by Dr. Ashton B. Carter
Business Process Reengineering with Commerical Off-the-Shelf Software by Cindy Shelton
Improved End-of-Life Cycle Management: Yesterday’s Equipment Conserving Today’s Dollars by David Oaks
Investigating Concurrency in Weapons Programs by Donald Birchler, Gary Christle, and Eric Groo
Your TV Just Died: An Exercise in Values Identification by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF
Going Organic: The C-17 Depot Maintenance Activation Working Group by Albert Barnes and Capt. Lewis Johnson, USAF
A Good Idea Comes to Fruition: The F/A 18 Center Barrel Replacement-Plus Program by Jim Boone, William F. Conroy, Capt. Mark Durrah, USN, Rick Devore, Capt. Fred Hepler, USN, Rear Adm. Mark Skinner, USN
Taking Acquisition Training to the Next Level: The Space Acquisition Community Tackles the Guardian Challenge by Robert L. Tremaine
Radio Frequency Identification: The Future in Now by T. Michael Johnson
Meeting Defense Information Needs for 65 Years: A Profile of the Defense Technical Information Center by Cheryl Bratten and Sandy Schwalb
Surviving Written Communication by Wayne Turk
The Courage to Raise Your Hand by Owen Gadeken
13 Theta

July–August 2010

Complete Issue
Defending Against Biological and Chemical Attacks by Brig. Gen. Jess A. Scarbrough, USA
WSARA: Baselining Programs Early Compounds the Problems by Peter Modigliani
Does MRAP Provide a Model for Acquisition Reform? by Thomas H. Miller
International Competencies for the Defense Acquisition Workforce by Richard Kwatnoski and Gregory Goodwin
The Information Technology Program Manager’s Dilemma: Rapidly Evolving Technology and Stagnant Processes by Kathy Peake
FIST Versus the Incredible Inevitable by Dan Ward, Gabe Mounce, and Jim Elmore
Does Anybody Out There Understand the Requirements Process by Mikael S. Beno
Evaluating Open Source Software by Matthew Kennedy
From Now to Net-Centric: How An Army IT Organization Repositioned Itself to Support Changing Defense Priorities and Objectives by Gary M. Lichvar
Lessons Learned from the Coast Guard’s Acquisition Reform by Capt. Joe Vojvodich, USCG
Recruiting as One Global Corporation by Michael Tropiano
Don’t Cut Corners by Wayne Turk
Learning to Swim in the Ocean: Creativity as a Zone of Analogy by Christopher R. Paparone
13 Theta by Dan Ward, Chris Quaid, Gabe Mounce, and Jim Elmore

May–June 2010

Complete Issue
Ten Years of Transformational Change by Frank Anderson
Joint Contingency Contracting: A Step Forward by William Long
A Call for Action by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF
ABCS – Not Business as Usual by Brig. Gen. Harold J. Greene
Acquisition Training: A Lifelong Process by Wes Gleason and Steve Minnich
A Systems Engineering Approach to Managing Technical Data: Integrated Data Management System by Mike Young
Improving Performance-Based Logistics: A Different Perspective by Jeff Heron
Acquisition’s Undiscovered Resource: The Air National Guard by Todd M. Johnson
Determining Your Organization’s Health: Impact of Climate Surveys by Mike Kotzian and Capt. Rick Muldoon, USN
Acquisition Truths from the Trenches by Capt. Tim Troup, USAF
Managing Risk on the Final Frontier: Risk and Knowledge Managment Combine to Support the Work of Rocket Science by D. M. Lengyel and J. S. Newman
The Story is Telling: Simplicity is Complicated by Christopher R. Paparone
The Tools Are Out There: DAU’s Knowledge Sharing Capabilities by Andrea Reese and Carol Scheina
How About a Little Empowerment? by Wayne Turk
13 Theta by Dan Ward, Chris Quaid, Gabe Mounce, and Jim Elmore

March–April 2010

Complete Issue
The Power and Politics of Program Management by Roy L. Wood
The Future of Product Support by Randy Fowler
Test and Evaluation at the Speed of Need by Steven Hutchinson
We Don’t Dance Well: Government and Industry Defense Material Acquisition by Steve Mills
Did You Remember to DID? by Art Greenlee
Distributed Testing: A Signifcant Tool in the Program Manager’s Arsenal by Bernard “Chip” Ferguson and Vincent P. DiFronzo
The Pulse of Performance: Vehicle Unit Cost Reports by Ray Davidson
Faster, Better, Cheaper Revisited: Program Managment from NASA by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF
Scope Creep Horror: It’s Scarier Than Movie Monsters by Wayne Turk
Defense Acquisition Enterprise 2.0: Wiring the Pentagon with Web 2.0 to Transform the Acquisition Enterprise by Peter Modigliani
Savvy Program Management by Lt. Col. David R. King, USAF
13 Theta by Dan Ward, Chris Quaid, Gabe Mounce, and Jim Elmore
DoD’s Technological Edge by Zachary Lemnios

January–February 2010

Complete Issue
The Manager in the Muddy Boots by Charles M. Court
13 Theta by Dan Ward, Chris Quaid, Gabe Mounce, and Jim Elmore
A New Way to Start Acquisition Programs by William R. Fast
Opportunity Management: Implementing a Positive Complement to Risk Management by Will Broadus, Mike Kotzian, Phil Littrell, Duane Mallicoat, Capt. Rick Muldoon, USN, and Jack Triplett
Integrated Master Plan Analysis: The PMAG Approach by Col. Mun H. Kwon, USAF
Meeting the Leadership Challenge by George Liscic, Robert Melvin, and Beverly Obenchain
Acquisition’s Role in Tactics Development by Cmdr. Francis D. Morley, USN
Thinking in Fours by Christopher R. Paparone
Adaptive, Responsive, and Speedy Acquisitions by Gen. David H. Petraneus, Commander, U.S. Central Command
Analysis Paralysis: A Case of Terminological Inexactitude by Lon Roberts
Don’t Waste Your Time by Wayne Turk
It’s Not a Big Truck: Examining Cyber Metaphors by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF
Join the Interoperability Certification: What the Program Manager Should Know by Chris Watson
Is 99.999% Operational Availability Practical for Department of Defense Systems? by James Young


November–December 2009

Complete Issue
The Motivated Project Team by Brad Hierstetter
Achieving Army-Marine Corps Logistic Interoperability by Dale E. Houck
Making Affordability Work by Dan Klingberg and David W. Panhorst
Let’s Fix It: A Five-Step Plan for Improving Acquisition by Scott Reynolds
The Future of Acquisition Excellence: Army, Navy, and Air Force Acquisition Strategies by James Thomsen, Lt. Gen. N. Ross Thompson, III, and Lt. Gen. Mark D. Shackelford
Contracting Excellence via Continuous Process Improvement by Glenn L. Starks
Lighten Up: Another Irreverent Look at Program Management by Wayne Turk
Leveraging Nunn-McCurdy to Ensure Program Success by Dennis K. Van Gemert
There Are No Facts About the Future: Musings on Requirement Stability, Cost Estimates, and Weather Forecasts by Lt. Col. Dan Ward, USAF

 September–October 2009

Complete Issue
Project Apollo Lights the Way for Acquisition Success by Joe Moschler, Mike McGhee, Jerome Collins, and James Weitzner
Building a Reliable Product: Army Reliability Improvement Initiatives by Michael J. Cushing and David E. Morton
Questioning Uncle Sam: The Rise of Contracting Problems by Jaime Garcia
Doctor, It Hurts When I Do This… by Alan Haggerty and Roy Wood
Contracting Made Easier: The Engineering Liaison Office by Kathy Loudin
It’s About Time by Christopher R. Paparone
The Importance of Litigation Management by Stephen Rinehart
Planning and Budgeting DoD’s Weapons Systems by Dr. Nancy Spruill
Effective Delegation: A Win-Win Strategy by Wayne Turk
The Courage Imperative by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF
Advancing EVM and Government Contracting Efficiencies by Daniel A. Zosh

July–August 2009

Complete Issue
Controlling Acquisition Risk via Scanning for Emerging Contaminants by Channon E. Cunniff and David J. Asiello
Defense Acquisition Human Capital Challenges and Opportunities by Anita K. Blair
Program Management versus Contingency Contracting: Lessons Learned from the Field by Lt. Col. Russell Dunford, USA
Bridging the PM Performance Gap by Owen Gadeken
Maintaining the Edge: Taking Air Force Expeditionary Capabilities to the Next Level by Gen. Donald J. Hoffmann, USAF
A Smooth Launch Lays the Foundation for Precision Landings: The Benefits of the Program Startup Workshop by Capt. CJ Jaynes, USN, Mike Kotzian, Melissa Losson, Duane Mallicoat, Dan Nash, Mary Redshaw, and Tim Simpson
Breaking the Camel’s Back: If Only DoD Operated as a Business by John Krieger and Roy L. Wood
The Relentless Pursuit of Program Management and Acquisition Excellence by Col. Mun H. Kwon, USAF
Jointness in the Acquisition World by Cmdr. Frank “Spanky” Morley, USN
From Not-So-Great to Worse: The Myth of Best Practice Methodologies by Christopher R. Paparone
Two Sides of Reinventing the Wheel by Wayne Turk
Acquisition as Deterrent by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF

May–June 2009

Complete Issue
Sharpening the Spear Through Innovative Acquisition: The F-5 Adversary Program by Jay Bolles, William Broadus, William F. Conroy, III, Lt. Cmdr. Jason Goff, USN, Mike Ingalls, Mike Kotzian, Duane Mallicoat, and Capt. James Wallace, USN
Focusing Sustainment Logistics Toward Capabilities Development: Part II by Charles Borsch
Testing to the Sound of the Guns: The Comparative Testing Office by Col. Richard E. Burns, USAF
Revamping the Science and Technology Management Career Field by Martin Falk and Randy Zittel
Leaders as Circus Performers: Using Survey Feedback to Keep the Plates Spinning by Fred Jones, Doug McCallum, and Chris Sargent
On Failure by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF, Maj. Chris Quaid, USAF, and Maj. Gabe Mounce, USAF
Synergy: Innovation You Can Measure by Eugene A. Razzetti
Value Engineering Throughout a Defense System’s Life Cycle by Danny Reed and Jay Mandelbaum
Be Willing to Make Changes But Not Change for Change’s Sake by Wayne Turk
Managing Change During an ERP Implementation by Brittany C. Walsh
Taking DoD Contracting From Good to Great by Charles E. Williams, Jr.
Knowledge vs. Experience: The Need for an Acquisition On-the-Job Qualification Standard by Roy Wood

Special Human Capital 2009 Issue

Complete Issue
The Big Picture on the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund by Frank J. Anderson, Jr.
Sustaining the Future Civilian Workforce: DoD’s Strategic Human Capital Management by Julie K. Bigler
DCMA Prepares for the Future by Christina Cavoli
Supporting the Supporters: DLA’s Workforce Development Plans by Carol Sheina
DISA Races to Implement Human Capital Initiatives by Dikeita Eley
Recognizing DoD Workforce Development Efforts
Training the Multigenerational Workforce by Judith M. Greig
Just Another Boondoggle: The MC4 Offsite Experience by Alvin Lee

March–April 2009

Complete Issue
Your Dollars, Spent Responsibly: Establishing Stronger Financial Accountability by Allen “Keith” Bentley
Navy Tailors Best Commercial Practices for Military Use: The C-40A Clipper Aircraft by Christine Blinn, William Broadus, Duane Mallicoat, Mike McGhee, Cmdr. John Pasch, USN, John Randolph, Tim Simpson, and Capt. James Wallace, USN
Focusing Sustainment Logistics Toward Capabilities Development: Part 1 by Charles Borsch
The Black and White of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse by Bruce Burton and Lauren McLean
A Practical Approach to Enterprise Integration: DoD’s Standard Procurement System by Sachin Chandra and Robert Juarez
Information Technology Acquisition: A Common-Sense Approach by Alfred Grosso
Great Expectations: Building Stronger Government-Industry Relationships by Col. Michael A. Micucci, USMC
Lean Thinking Benefits VIRGINIA Class Program Office by Dave Miskimens
What’s Next After Awarding a Contract? The Government/Industry New Program Startup Workshop by Jesse Stewart and Norman S. Bull
Develop Your Own Management Style by Wayne Turk
Systems Engineering in Paradise by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF

January–February 2009

Complete Issue
Preparing for the Future of Systems Engineering by Karen Bausman and John Colombi
Capability Test Methodology and Joint: Testing the Test by Steven Hutchinson, Max Lorenzo, and Dan Bryan
Misunderstood Superheroes: Batman and Performance-Based Logistics by Randy T. Fowler
The Right Arm of the Warfighter: Providing Logistics Support in a Nonlinear Battlefield by Lt. Gen. Kathleen M. Gainey
 A Capability-Focused T&E Framework by Steven Hutchinson
LMP Makes Strides Toward Full Deployment by Col. Scott Lambert, USA
Reducing Costs with Value Engineering Change Proposals: VECPs in Supplies or Services Contracts by Danny Reed and Jay Mandelbaum
13 Theta
“Customer Pay” Program Pays Off: Pentagon, Army, and Industry Program Reduces Costs in Rebuilding Military Trucks by Denise Richards
The Promise of Computer Simulation Applications by Robert L. Tremaine
New Career Path Recognizes Global Scope of Acquisitions: International Acquisition Career Path by Duane Tripp and Roy Wood
Let’s Go For Self-Fulfilling Prophecies by Wayne Turk
Call Me Sisyphus by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF


November–December 2008

Complete Issue
Lean Thinking Improves Hydra-70 Rocket System by Satonya Hobson-Williams, Andrew Sheldrick, Terry Lingenfelter, and Mel Adams
A Different Kind of Force Development
A Clear View of the Workforce: New Tools Enable Metrics by Jeffrey Birch, Chuck Cameron, Margot Lynn, and Carol Scheina
Developing an Integrated, Agile, and High-Performing Future Workforce: The DoD Logistics Human Capital Strategy by Christopher Blodgett, Carol Conrad, and Bill Kobren
Metaphors are Mindfunnels: Finding Neo by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF, Maj. Chris Quaid, USAF, Capt. Gabe Mounce, USAF
The Tools and the Training for the Future: Today’s Plan for Tomorrow’s Workforce by Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Owen, USAF
Contracting Workforce Development: How Warner Robins Air Logistics Center is Shaping Its Future by Paul J. Reeves
Risk, Uncertainty, and Trouble: Escaping the RUT of Program Instability by Capt. Brian Shimel, USAF
Excellence in Diversity and Recruitment by Matthew Tropiano
An Uncommon Attribute by Wayne Turk

September–October 2008

Complete Issue
The 800-Pound Gorilla by William D. Bell
Paving the Way for Testing in a Joint Environment: The Capability Test Methodology by Chris DePetto
To Boldly Go … Into Defense Acquisition: The Program Manager’s Rules of Acquisition by Brian J. Duddy
13 Theta
Integrating Business and Financial Management Function by William R. Fast
A Game of Numbers: Building Strategic Partnerships with Industry by Jaime Garcia
Critical Thinking in Defense Acquisition by John F. Horn
Building and Managing an Effective Project Team by Steven R. Meier
Too Busy to Think; Cost, Consequences, and Causes of Multitasking Mania by Lon Roberts
Building a Capable and Reliable Aircraft by Rear Adm. W. Mark Skinner, USN
The Plan for Transition: From System Development and Demonstration to Production and Deployment by Maj. Jonathan B. Slater, USA
The Changin’ Program and Business Financial Manager Roles by Richard K. Sylvester
Step Up To the Podium: Guidelines for a Good project Presentation by Wayne Turk
The Truth About Process Loss Costs by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF, Maj. Chris Quaid, and Capt. Gabe Mounce, USAF

July–August 2008

Complete Issue
13 Theta
The Rapid Insertion of Technology in Defense by John J. Kubricky
A Better Cost-Estimating Tool: The Key to Not Going Over Budget by Mike Young with Ted Markley
Project Manager and Program Manager: What’s the Difference? by Jeffrey Peisach and Timothy S. Kroecker
Goin’ Green: Increasing DoD’s Environment-Friendly Practices by Carol Sheina
Virtual Teaming: Welcome to the 21st Century by Jerome H. Collins, Robert Ernst, and Martin Smith
The Future of DoD Acquisition Reform: Acquisition Centers of Excellence by Glenn L. Starks
Pushing a Pull System: Transorming Marine Aviation Logistics by Douglas S. Steward
Survival Guide for Truly Schedule-Driven Development Programs by Sue Neves and Jack Strauss
Motivate Your People for Project Success by Wayne Turk
Logistics in a Changing Environment: Supporting Military Expeditionary Units by Maj. Gen. Edward G. Usher, III, USMC
Socrates in Washington, DC by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF

May–June 2008

Complete Issue
A Different Kind of Web-Based Knowledge Management: Little “A” Principles Apply to Big “A” Portals by Dr. Joseph P. Avery
A Great System Right Out of the Chocks: How the JSF Delivers Mission Capabilities by Will Broadus, Duane Mallicoat, Capt. Tom Payne, USN, with Maj. Gen. Charles R. Davis, USAF
Don’t Forget Your Lessons Learned! A Review of 16 Years Worth of Notes by Maj. Russell W. Burley, USAF
Changing DoD’s IT Capabilities: Delivering and Defending the Network by Lt. Gen. Charles E. Croom, USAF
The Team Development Life Cycle: A New Look by Tom Edison
Classic DoD Acquisition Standards Still the Cornerstones by David M. Eiband
Bridging the DoD-Industry Communications Gap: Improving Strategic Knowledge Sharing by Scott Littlefield
Diversity and Freaks by Capt. Gabe Mounce, USAF
Shaping Industry Interaction Through Secure Information Sharing Part III: Putting Theory Into Practice by Paul Grant, Jim Cisneros, and Jeff Nigriny
13 Theta
Looking at the Root Causes of Problems: Preventing Repeat Mistakes by Col. Brian Shimel, USAF
What’s Wrong with This Picture by Wayne Turk
Postmodern Program Management by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF, Maj. Chris Quaid, USAF, and Capt. Gabe Mounce, USAF
The Increasing Role of Robots in National Security by Ellen M. Purdy

March–April 2008

Complete Issue
Enlisting Lean Six Sigma in the Army Acquisition Process by Leon Smith, Randy Wilson, and Tiffani Burke
The Abiding Cultural Program: Accountability, Consequence, and the 129th Study by Gary E. Christle
Opportunity Management: Be Careful What You Ask For by Edmund H. Cunrow and Robert N. Charette
Climate Change, Demographics, Technology, and Globalization: Their Impact on the Acquisition Community by Jerry Emke
Avoiding the “Army of Professional Amateurs” Paradox: Capturing Tacit knowledge in Our Workforce by Doug McCallum
Transforming the Future of Business Processes by Elizabeth McGrath
Krog’s New Weapon: Reality Is A Special Case by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF, Maj. Chris Quaid, USAF, and Maj. Gabe Mounce, USAF
Commanders Institute New Standards for Quality Medical Data by Bill Snethen
How Healthy Is Your Project? by Wayne Turk

January–February 2008

Complete Issue
ABCS – Not Business As Usual by Brig. Gen. Harold J. Greene, USA and Janet Greenberg
Lean and Agile Acquisition and Systems Engineering: A Paradigm Whose Time Has Come by Rex B. Reagan and David F. Rico
Trends and Shocks, and the Impact to the Acquisition Community by Jerry Emke
So You’re the New PM? by Owen Gadeken
Leveraging Our Critical Acquisition Knowledge: Addressing the Challenges of Workforce Attrition and Knowledge Loss by Bill Kaplan
Where Defense Acquisition is Today: A Close Examination of Structures and Capabilities by Mark Lumb
The Key to Weapons that Work by Dr. Charles E. McQueary
Secure Information Sharing: Part 1 by Paul Grant and Jeff Nigriny
Weird Leonards in History by Maj. Dan Ward, USAF and Maj. Chris Quaid, USAF
Preparing for a Global Acquisition Environment by Rex B. Reagan
Project Management Top 20 by Wayne Turk

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