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Early Birds in Korea ”Exporting” Defense AT&L Has Far-Reaching Impact

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Authors: DT Tripp and Hwa Yu

“The early bird catches the worm.” Who doesn’t know this proverb? A study club in the Republic of Korea (ROK) defense acquisition agency was born and has grown with this phrase as the key tenet of its effort to improve defense acquisition professionalism by studying the Defense AT&L magazine published for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). The study club’s name originated from that tenet as the “Early Birds Study”—or the EBS, for short. This year, the EBS will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its foundation and is almost as old as the South Korean Government organization of which it is part.

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DoD Comprehensive Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Smart Device Ground Control Station Threat Model

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Authors: Katrina Mansfield, Timothy Eveleigh, Thomas H. Holzer, and Shahryar Sarkani

In an effort to reduce costs and time to deploy mission capable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), the Department of Defense (DoD) has transitioned smart devices into the battlefield as portable, handheld UAV ground control stations (GCS) without adequate cybersecurity protection. While a number of threat model approaches have been published, they are outdated and fail to evaluate a complete system. This article develops a holistic threat model that analyzes the cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the communication network, smart device hardware, software applications, as well as the insider threat. Additionally, this article provides a risk-based threat profile of a DoD pilot UAV smart device GCS system. This model will fill the gaps in current threat model approaches, to provide the DoD with a tool to properly assess the threat environment of a UAV smart device GCS, and build layers of security into the system throughout the system development life cycle.

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Moving from Best Practices to Standard Practices in Defense Acquisition

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Authors: Alex Miller and Joshua L. Ray

Years of process improvement in defense acquisition have produced many isolated best practices that failed to become widespread standard practices.  The authors’ research identified six factors critical to seeing best practices adopted as standard practices. Both contextual and managerial in nature, these address the extent to which standardization is pulled, pushed, and practical.  They organize the factors in a simple 2×3 framework, explain the nature of each factor, provide examples of each factor, and discuss each factor’s implications for defense acquisition.

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