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Cost Growth and the Limits of Competition

By  Allen Friar

Cost increases on major weapons system and service contracts have historically been a problem for the Department of Defense (DoD).  Cost growth has occurred on all kinds of contracts and on both fixed price and cost reimbursement type contracts.  Recent studies have shown that the most influential factors effecting cost growth have been decisions made by the Government, optimistic cost estimating and mistakes.  The level of competition or type of contract has little if anything to do with cost growth on most Government contracts.  This article analyzes the primary causes of cost growth on DoD contracts and concludes with a discussion of some of the recommendations for controlling cost growth including competition and selecting the appropriate contract type.

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Swamped by Regulations Perils of an Ever-Increasing Burden

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Authors: Allen Friar

The Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process is too complicated, too slow, too expensive and includes too many competing objectives. The ever-increasing new laws, regulations and policies are adversely affecting the federal acquisition process and the ability of federal agencies to provide services and perform their missions.

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