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Where Are the People? The Human Viewpoint Approach for Architecting and Acquisition

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Authors: Holly A. H. Handley and Beverly G. Knapp

The U.S. Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) provides a standard framework for transforming systems concepts into a consistent set of products containing the elements and relationships required to represent a complex operational system. However, without a human perspective, the current DoDAF does not account for the human performance aspects needed to calculate the human contribution to system effectiveness and cost. The Human Viewpoint gives systems engineers additional tools to integrate human considerations into systems development by facilitating identification and collection of human-focused data. It provides a way to include Human Systems Integration (HSI) constructs into mainstream acquisition and systems engineering processes by promoting early, frequent coordination of analysis efforts by both the systems engineering and HSI communities.

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Big ‘A’ Systems Architecture From Strategy to Design: Systems Architecting in DoD

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Author: Chris Robinson

As a Systems Engineering instructor at DAU, I have engaged in a number of discussions and debates, both in and out of the classroom, on architecture in systems acquisition. Over time, I began to see there was a real lack of consensus about the importance of architecture, how it fits in to the Defense Acquisition System (DAS), and how it relates to system engineering.

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