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Supply Chain Management & Strategic Acquisition Course Research Paper: The Case for Professional Pay in the Army Acquisition Corps

Author: COL John Lemodes, USA

This article assesses the opinions of Army Acquisition Workforce members who will serve in or are competing for program manager/command, or other leadership positions within the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) on the subject of professional pay. A survey by the author determined: (a) whether professional pay would reduce loss of Army officers at the LTC/20-year point, with a lesser emphasis on COL/26-year point; (b) whether it would incentivize career civilians to compete for board select product/program management positions; and (c) whether it would it help keep both labor pools in the AAC past retirement eligibility. The author concludes that professional pay is an attractive incentive to further professionalize the AAC, and also formalize its professionalization throughout the Army.


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