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Asia Pivot: The U.S.-India Defense Initiative–A New Standard for Improved Cooperation and Trade

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By: Amit K. Maitra

Today many people have different attitudes when they try to formulate manufacturing technology transfer policies. On one hand, some proponents of technology transfer see it as a way to improve the U.S. international competitive position. On the other hand, concerns with undesirable and sometimes unanticipated side effects of the transfer of sensitive and critical technology have led to sentiments against technology transfer.

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Defense Technology and Trade Initiative: Ashton Carter’s Strategy in India

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Author: Amit K. Maitra

In early June 2015, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter met with senior Indian officials to work on initiatives that were set in motion during President Obama’s January 2015 visit to India. During that visit, Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi focused on shared concerns ranging from maritime security and cooperation and joint training on aircraft carrier and jet engine technology.

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Statement by Secretary Hagel on the Nomination of Ashton Carter

Department of Defense News Release (Dec. 5, 2014)

Earlier today, President Obama announced that he will nominate Ashton Carter to succeed me as secretary of defense.

Ash is a patriot and a leader. I strongly support his nomination.

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