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Implementing the Next-Generation Product Support Strategy

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Authors: Mark Gajda and Basil Gray

Accumulating budget pressures and ongoing DoD leadership attention has accelerated the need to reduce weapons system life cycle costs and maximize efficiencies across the entire Department. This focus on total life cycle management has created renewed attention to the weapon system support area (now referred to as product support), an area in which DoD spends over $132 billion annually. As a result, the DoD established a cross-functional team of stakeholders from the Services, agencies, industry, and academia, known as the Product Support Assessment Team (PSAT), to drive critical process changes needed to reduce costs and facilitate next generation product support across the entire enterprise. The PSAT reports to a Product Support Executive Council (PSEC), a select group of flag officers and Senior Executive Service (SES) staff, who provide strategic oversight and a resource commitment needed to implement product support changes.

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