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Turning “Desirements” into Requirements

Author: Charles Court

Court is the Requirements Center Director at the Defense Systems Management College at the Defense Acquisition University at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. He is a former Wild Weasel Electronic Warfare Officer, a test manager, a program manager and an Air Force laboratory supervisor.

Because we are humans, everything we need either starts or finishes with something we want. As students, we could take the bus to school, but we wanted a car. Moreover, we did not want just any car. A Corvette, a Porsche or a Mustang would do much better. (The author wanted the Aston Martin from the movie “Goldfinger.” You know: The one with the ejection seat, automated license plates and electronic tracking.) On the professional military level, the Services and agencies fall into the same trap. There are things we need, but many more things we want. Why settle for tanks, ships and aircraft if we could have cloaking devices, The Death Star, Mr. Fusion and phasers?

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