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Losing Something In Translation Turning Requirements Into Specifications

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Charles M. Court, Ph.D.

Perhaps the reader remembers the comedy routine in which a performer orates a lyrical, emotive passage in a deep, inspiring voice—except the quotation is in some unintelligible language. Another performer asks, “What does that mean in English?” The translation is something like, “The snake fell out of the tree, onto the baby and ate him.” As audience members gasp in revulsion, they hear the punchline, “It loses something in translation.”

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The Value of Training: Analysis of DAU’s Requirements Management Training Results

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Authors: Charles M. Court, Gregory B. Prothero, and Roy L. Wood

In response to Congress, the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) designed and fielded a course of study for Requirements Management, including a 1-week advanced classroom course. While teaching this course, the DAU faculty routinely conducts pre-testing and post-testing to assist the faculty and students in assessing learning and retention. The faculty uses data from these tests, along with student demographics, to assess the value of learning the course provides and to explore some initial assumptions about the readiness of the workforce to learn. Results show a greater than 30 percent increase in learning from pre- to post-test and debunk nearly all the preconceived notions the university held about the incoming students.

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