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The Challenges in Meeting OSD’s Obligation and Expenditure Rate Goals: A Closer Look at Potential Causal Factors, Their Groupings, and How They Modulate

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Authors: Col Robert L. Tremaine, USAF (Ret.), and Donna J. Kinnear-Seligman

Managing an acquisition program in the DoD is a complicated process. The turbulence created by funding instability can make it even more difficult. Nonetheless, to help program offices maintain their overall funding execution pace, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) instituted Obligation and Expenditure rate goals over two decades ago. For numerous reasons, acquisition program managers have found it difficult to meet established Obligation and Expenditure rate goals. For purposes of this article, and based on Defense Acquisition University and OSD subject matter expertise, the authors looked more closely at the potential causal factors that could be interfering with the achievement of these goals.

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