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Auditing Organizational Security

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By Eugene A. Razzetti

Managing organizational security is no different from managing any other of the command’s missions. Establish your policies, goals and risk parameters; implement, train, measure and benchmark them. And then audit, audit, audit. Continue reading

Does Your Culture Encourage Innovation?

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Authors: CDR Craig Whittinghill, USN, David Berkowitz, and Phillip A. Farrington

For many years military leaders have been calling for the U.S. Armed Forces to be more agile, adaptive, and innovative in order to defeat future and emerging threats. To assist the military in this endeavor, the University of Alabama in Huntsville explored Department of Defense (DoD) culture at the organizational level.  Having the proper organizational culture can improve performance by empowering members to interact better with their environment, to communicate and act rapidly, and, perhaps most importantly, to innovate. If organizational culture does not encourage innovation, however, organizations can improve innovativeness through culture manipulation. By implementing identified actions that influence cultural attributes, culture can be modified, and subsequently organizations can improve innovativeness, enabling them to meet new and complex challenges.

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