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The Value of Training: Analysis of DAU’s Requirements Management Training Results

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Authors: Charles M. Court, Gregory B. Prothero, and Roy L. Wood

In response to Congress, the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) designed and fielded a course of study for Requirements Management, including a 1-week advanced classroom course. While teaching this course, the DAU faculty routinely conducts pre-testing and post-testing to assist the faculty and students in assessing learning and retention. The faculty uses data from these tests, along with student demographics, to assess the value of learning the course provides and to explore some initial assumptions about the readiness of the workforce to learn. Results show a greater than 30 percent increase in learning from pre- to post-test and debunk nearly all the preconceived notions the university held about the incoming students.

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More Time Management Tips for Busy People

Author: Roy Wood, Ph.D.

A few months ago, I wrote a short article, “Time Management Tips for Those Who Don’t Have the Time” (Defense AT&L, November–December 2013, p. 58), that offered some time-saving tips for busy people like you. Here are a few more ideas that I hope you find helpful.

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Book Review: Adapting to Flexible Response, 1960–1968

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book-cover-adaptingSeries: History of Acquisition in the Department of Defense, Volume II

Author: Walter S. Poole

Publisher: Office of the Secretary of Defense, Historical Office

Copyright Date: 2013

ISBN: 978-0160921834

Hard/Softcover: Hardcover, 467 pages

Reviewed by: Dr. Roy L. Wood, Dean, Defense Systems Management College, Defense Acquisition University
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Apt Slogans for Acquisition in Austere Times

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Author: Roy L. Wood, Ph.D.

Oft-quoted slogans can sometimes capture nuggets of wisdom that actually are helpful in informing our decisions in extraordinary times like these. Some slogans serve as heuristics and some to describe behaviors—good and bad. Most are comfortingly familiar.

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Time Is Money

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Author: Roy L. Wood

Program managers typically focus on controlling costs and delivering a quality product. The acquisition stool’s third leg—program schedule—appears to be a resource that can be slipped to accommodate unstable funding or technical difficulties. Despite studies linking high program cost and long schedules, few major defense acquisition programs are completed in less than a decade. Programs with longer schedules experience further schedule slips, exacerbating the problem. This article is based on research presented at the 2012 Naval Postgraduate School’s 9th Annual Research Symposium. It includes a review of the extant literature on cost and schedule relationships, presents analysis of a survey of program manager perceptions and master schedule usage, and examines why schedules may be problematic to acquisition success.

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