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Naval Aviation Costs Targeting Operations and Support

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Authors: Capt. Robert Farmer, Capt. Keith Nixon, Capt. Brian Jacobs, Cmdr. Craig Owen, Aubrey Dennis, Michael Berkin, Roy Lancaster, Tim Simpson, and Duane Mallicoat

When assessing the strength of today’s Department of Defense (DoD) weapon systems, affordability is just as important as performance. Acquisition leadership is not focused only on determining whether a weapon system is affordable in the development and production phases but, more important, in sustainment, where 70 percent of programs’ life-cycle costs are borne. History has shown that operations and support (O&S) costs are more likely to exceed projections than to come in under their budgeted level. Controlling and reducing weapon system sustainment has proven difficult and is quickly becoming one of Naval Aviation’s top priorities.

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