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Metrics-Based Risk Assessment and Management of Digital Forensics

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Authors: Mehmet Sahinoglu, MSgt Stephen Stockton, USAF (Ret.), Capt Robert M. Barclay, USAF (Ret.), and Scott Morton

Driven by the ubiquity of computers in modern life and the subsequent rise of cybercriminality and cyberterrorism in the government and defense industry, digital forensics is an increasingly salient component of the defense acquisition process. Though primarily located in the law enforcement community, digital forensics is increasingly practiced within the corporate world for legal and regulatory requirements. Digital forensics risk involves the assessment, acquisition, and examination of digital evidence in a manner that meets legal standards of proof and admissibility. The authors adopt a model of digital forensics risk assessment that quantifies an investigator’s experience with eight crucial aspects of the digital forensics process. This research adds the concept of quantifying through a designed risk meter algorithm to calculate digital forensics risk indices. Numerical and/or cognitive data were painstakingly collected to supply input parameters to calculate the quantitative risk index for the digital forensics process. Much needed risk management procedures and metrics are also appended.

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