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Enhancing the Science and Technology Manager Career Field

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Author: Darren Rhyne

The Science and Technology Manager (STM) career field has come into its own in recent years. This fiscal year alone, two of the three required STM courses are new—and one of them is now the first-ever distance learning (DL) course in the field. A Jan. 2, 2013, memo from Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Katharina McFarland renamed the “Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering (SPRDE) Science and Technology Manager” career field as the “Science and Technology Manager” career field. And other major changes have occurred in the STM career field since an article by Dr. Marty Falk and Randy Zittel was published in the May–June 2009 edition of Defense AT&L magazine (see “Revamping theScience and Technology Management Career Field” at http://www.dau.mil/publications/DefenseATL/DATLArchivecompletepdf/may-jun09.pdf, pp. 64–67). There also have been changes in the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) STM certification requirements—including curriculum revisions and knowledge sharing (now known as Workflow Learning) assets. In addition, a set of Acquisition Workforce Qualification Initiative (AWQI) standards focused on STM has been published for the workforce to continue its development beyond DAWIA certification.

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