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Strategic Planning – Shaping Future Success

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Brian Schultz

Department of Defense (DoD) program managers (PMs) typically face significant challenges in executing their current program as reflected in their acquisition program baseline. While the current program may have several years of cycle time prior to delivery and fielding, the PM may also be planning for future increments, sustainment and other long-term efforts. Strategic planning can help the PM position these future programs and actions for good outcomes.

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The High Flying Leadership Qualities: What Matters the Most?

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Col Robert L. Tremaine, USAF (Ret.)

Like many U.S. companies, the Department of Defense (DoD) invests in leadership development. The DoD recognizes equal benefits and has instituted various programs to enable it. However, not every DoD organization invests in leadership development the same way. The ones that do think more deeply about their future have thoughtful and effective leadership development programs that combine training, practice, and cultivation—all intended to professionally nurture future leaders. DoD organizations that have more defined hierarchical leadership structures such as mid-level managers (MLMs), senior-level managers (SLMs), senior-level leaders (SLLs), or equivalent offer a gateway to learn more about what leadership qualities matter to them. At the Defense Acquisition University, 37 MLMs, and 32 SLMs provided valuable insights in their survey responses. No SLLs participated in this study.

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Strategic Planning and Management in Defense Systems Acquisition

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Author: Stanley G. Rosen

Strategic Planning and Management (SP&M) methods are widely used in the commercial sector and are a required organizational activity within the U.S. Government. More specifically, defense acquisition organizations use SP&M methods to strengthen the management of defense acquisition organizations/programs. This article reports results of a survey of the defense acquisition community that assessed how SP&M methods and practices promote management effectiveness. The results show that SP&M is viewed as valuable to Department of Defense system acquisition programs and organizations. Moreover, this effort identified high-value activities, tools, processes, practices, and common roadblocks to effective SP&M. These results imply that training on processes and tool use can be very important, especially for senior leaders, and implementation assistance can also be useful.

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