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Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services as a Supply Source: A DoD-Wide Opportunity

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Authors: Capt Nate Leon, USMC, Capt Todd Paulson, USMC, and Geraldo Ferrer

The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (DDS) provide centralized disposal management of excess and surplus military property. An important component of its mission is the reutilization of excess equipment within the military services to prevent wasteful purchases within the Department of Defense. This research analyzes the extent to which the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) is implementing reutilization through DDS as a source of supply. The results and recommendations of this study will enable decision makers within the USMC and the Defense Logistics Agency to address institutional and systemic obstacles to maximize reutilization. Some of the lessons learned herein may be useful to all the military services, resulting in more value from their operations and maintenance budgets through reutilization.

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