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Take a Deep Dive With DAU

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By Woody Spring  &  Rebecca Haydu-Jackson

A technical deep dive for a submarine may involve carefully characterizing submersion depths that approach the performance limits of hull integrity or other system limitations. For a scuba diver, a Deep Dive could be better understanding the capabilities and limitations of human performance or the depth at which nitrogen narcosis begins to set in. Continue reading

A View From Space NASA Systems Engineering and Test

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Author: Woody Spring

It has been three years since I witnessed the last Space Shuttle launch, STS-135, lifting off from Earth on July 8, 2011. It was the seventh I had witnessed, but this one had special meaning. Twenty-nine years ago, I was on the inside looking out as a part of the STS-23 (STS 61-B) crew. I flew Atlantis on her second flight in 1985 and had observed her construction years earlier at Rockwell International’s space shuttle-assembly location.

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